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AkarixLeo 50 Prompts: #31- Hide

Title: Crooked

Prompt: 31#- Hide

Rating: T

Pairing: Akari Acura/Leonardo Stoller

Summary: In that instant, he realized that she never showed her teeth when she smiled or laughed.

"Yeah, I got hit in the mouth once during training."Collapse )

100 Prompts (A) #55- Jealousy

Title: I Hate this Feeling

Prompt: #55- Jealousy

Series: 100 Prompts (A)

Rating: T

Master Post: http://authorkuma-chan.livejournal.com/13092.html

"Of course I'm jealous!"Collapse )

100 Prompts (A) Prompt #66- Ghosts

Title: Love Birds or Friend Zoned?

Prompt: #66- Ghosts

Series: 100 Prompts (A)

Rating: K+
Master Post: http://authorkuma-chan.livejournal.com/13092.html

"I hate ghosts."Collapse )

Animalia Crack RP Episode 29

From Suki: I'm not dealing with the logo and everything right now because this is a crack rp. Yadda yadda. Okay, let's start, I'll edit this later if needed. 

From Me: "Everything that happens is crack, and doesn't happen in the actual series, but we wanted to rp it anyways".

kids listCollapse )

Can't Fix Chapter 1

Title: Can't Fix

Summary: "We can't fix what isn't broken, all that matters is if she wants to dance again."

Chapter Summary: "It's not so much the physical damage, as much as it is the mental trauma."

Pairings: RizumuxHibiki and maybes some MionxWataru and AiraxShou

Setting: Sometime after the final episode of Aurora Dream when Jun comes back, but before Dear My Future.

Words: 3,472

Genre: A little Angst, Romance, and Friendship

Beginning Notes: I guess you know where the title comes from, either way this plot just kinda hit me, so I had to write it. I'm only planning on making this 11 chapters, but if I get anymore ideas it might be longer. As warning, crazy logic ensures. As well as Kaname and Rizumu sister bonding! Enjoy!

"We can't fix what isn't broken, all that matters is if she wants to dance again."Collapse )